Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comic Lover

I wish I was one of those comic fans that can claim to have been a loyal fan from the beginning. One of those fans that know such things as the chronological order of Batman's villains and who is owned by Marvel and who is owned by DC.

Sure I will admit to being more informed then the average non-nerd and I do know a small amount when it comes to comic-lore, but I didn't "grow up" reading X-Men or Batman. Sure I read them when ever I had the chance, but I didn't have an allowance or a comic store nearby. The few comics I read I got from my local library. Eventually I grew frustrated with superhero comics. Every comic had ties to another, sometimes one from years ago. Every volume I read had a notice that told me to read another issue to find out who a certain character was, or to get the "whole story." It was impossible to just jump into a certain story.

I turned to other sorts of comics, namely Archie comics. There at least it didn't matter what volume I picked up, every story was complete in itself. Of course eventually I grew tired of characters that never changed, lessons learned over and over, but never stick and of course the two timing Archie... though that is a topic for another day.

I ended up somehow discovering manga, and LOVED it. There was a manga for everything and every mood. Not to mention I liked how many of the panels and pages were laid out. Manga put an emphasis on how the scene was conveyed, the emotions and didn't seem quite as stiff as I remembered superhero comics being. Over the years I have read a lot of manga, and found that just like anything else there are good mangas and awful mangas. I realized something over the last few years.

I like comics. Not just mangas, or superhero comics, or a specific type. If the story is good, well drawn and to my taste I'll like it regardless of where it came from or what "style" it is drawn in.

My real purpose of creating this blog is to talk about aspects of comics I either like or dislike, and maybe talk about a few comics on either side of the spectrum as well. By that I mean comics I like and ones I think should die in fire, get hit by a bus and bother by panhandlers.

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